134 CCTV Cameras Installation at Queens Park Community School, London

Upgrades NHS Wandsworth Medical Centre’s Surveillance System
12th March 2023

Tech Vicinity's Successful 134 CCTV Cameras Installation at Queens Park Community School, London

Project Overview 

Tech Vicinity, a leading technology solutions provider, recently accomplished a remarkable feat by successfully completing a challenging project at Queens Park Community School in London. The project involved the installation of 134 CCTV cameras across the school's premises, encompassing both indoor and outdoor areas. This project was particularly complex due to the school's multiple floors and expansive interior, presenting a variety of unique challenges that required a detailed plan and unwavering dedication to overcome.

Project Details:

  1. Camera Selection: Tech Vicinity's team of experienced engineers meticulously selected and installed a range of high-quality cameras. This included Hikvision Bullet and PTZ cameras for outdoor surveillance, and dome cameras for indoor monitoring. In addition, PTZ cameras with 24x zoom capabilities were strategically placed at elevated positions to provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

  2. Network Infrastructure: To ensure optimal camera placement and connectivity, Tech Vicinity installed 12 network cabinets throughout the school's premises. Fiber cables were meticulously laid to establish connectivity with the main communications room. This approach guaranteed seamless data transmission and access to all cameras.

  3. Challenging Areas: The car park area posed a significant challenge due to its considerable distance from the main school building. Tech Vicinity's solution involved providing wireless point-to-point connectivity for four cameras in the car park. This not only covered the challenging area effectively but also showcased the team's adaptability and technical expertise.

Project Timeline: Despite the complexity of the project, Tech Vicinity's dedicated team of engineers completed the installation of all 134 CCTV cameras within a remarkable two-week timeframe. Their efficiency and ability to meet the project's tight schedule underscored their commitment to delivering the highest standard of service.

Outcome: The successful installation of CCTV cameras at Queens Park Community School has had a significant positive impact. The school now benefits from enhanced security measures that contribute to the safety and well-being of its students and staff. Tech Vicinity's ability to overcome the challenges posed by the school's layout and location highlights their expertise in deploying CCTV systems in intricate and demanding environments.

Conclusion: Tech Vicinity's completion of the Queens Park Community School CCTV project stands as a testament to their proficiency and commitment in delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. The successful installation of 134 cameras, including strategic placement, network infrastructure, and addressing challenging areas, reflects the company's ability to provide high-quality services in complex and diverse settings. Tech Vicinity continues to uphold its reputation as a leader in the field, dedicated to enhancing safety and security through advanced technological solutions.

134 CCTV Cameras Installation at Queens Park Community School, London
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