Our mission statement is simple: Our success is determined by your security

Inspired by the rise in burglaries in the capital we set out to provide a service that gave peace of mind to families and local businesses across the city through our CCTVs. The effectiveness of CCTVs as a deterrent has been corroborated by various polls and findings, thus, we made it our mission to make this a viable solution for our area of Croydon.

By delivering market-leading services in the sector we have been able to expand our mission to include commercial and public works whilst maintaining the high level of customer service and reliability. With our offices now based in Sutton, we cover all of London and surrounding South East areas.

Tech Vicinity today provides a range of security solutions suited to your needs. All our works including design, installation, and maintenance is done in-house by a team of qualified engineers and project managers.

Our Environmental Footprint Matters To Us

As our business is all about providing security and protection it is only fair that we protect our planet. We, therefore, offset all our footprint through the following:

  • We actively seek to deal with eco-friendly businesses
  • We are very stringent on our use of paper in the business and only use it for client communications where necessary
  • Our staff are given time off to regularly partake in tree planting activities to offset our emissions

Our Service

It is very important to keep your system fully functioning and for us the maintenance of your system is essential. We take great pride in the service we provide and as a result, offer 3 years warranty on all our products. (subject to terms and conditions).

Our Vision

To be THE household name in the industry by securing our community through our CCTVs.
  • Teaming

    We collaborate with you to deliver security solutions bespoke to your needs. Our team will give you honest input on what we feel is best for you.
  • Innovation

    We continuously optimise our solutions so that we can offer you the best security products and services available on the market.
  • Excellence

    We aim to become market leaders in our industry and we will only achieve this by delivering to you a market-leading service and ensuring your return-on-investment.
  • Sustainability

    We care about our impact on our planet that is why we always offset our carbon footprint.