4K CCTV Installation at The Oregano Pizza shop in Purley

Hikvision CCTV Installation at Indian Panorama Restaurant
15th March 2021

Upgraded to 4k Hikvision CCTV cameras

TECH VICINITY upgraded an existing non-HD CCTV system with excellent quality 4k resolution Hikvision CCTV cameras at The Oregano Pizza shop in Purley.

Hikvision  8MP 4k resolution CCTV camera provides ultra HD images for your 8MP DVR. It also has Hikvision ultra low light image sensor for clearer 4K images at night time. Equipped with a wide-angle lens to provide a viewing angle of 102 degrees.

4 in 1 video output means it’s backward compatible and also compatible with other manufacturers’ DVRs that support 4K, 8MP analogue camera with a BNC connector using RG59 coaxial type cable.

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